why you need Book of the Month in your life

Book of the Month is a monthly membership program that allows you to pick from five book selections. In this post you will read about my,

  • pros,
  • cons of their membership program,
  • and a referral link for your first book FREE!


  • Book of the Month is only $14.99/month and you can add on up to two additional books for $9.99 each, and two pieces of swag to each box
  • Every month, you have five books to choose from as your Book of the Month – and they’re all very diverse in genres and topics
  • Books are hardcover, and a special BoTM edition, with the logo noted on the spine and have the feature month and year on the back cover – super cute!
  • You can choose to Skip Your Box if you don’t like any of the options for that month and can use it toward an add-on the next month
  • Shipping is always free
  • *NEW* After 12 months of continuous membership, BoTM puts you into their new BFF Reader Rewards program that comes with extra perks, like a gift during your birthday month and a selection of one of the Book of the Year Finalists at the end of the year
  • You can purchase gifts of three, six, and twelve month memberships for someone special – and if you’re a member, you get a free book for purchasing a gifted membership!
  • Add-on books include back to previous month features and selecting that book that you keep seeing a lot of hype over
my 1st #BoTM – February 2017


  • Currently, books are only offered in print form. It would be awesome if there were an eBook add-on option
  • Sometimes books are not available to add-on for long periods of time because they’re out of stock
  • You only have a small window of time to make your selection and then the orders close until the next month (1st of the month through the 6th of the month)
  • If you skip a month and use your credit for an add-on the next month, you essentially lose $5. When I first joined, if you skipped a month, you weren’t charged again until you used that credit.
  • Too many books, too little time – but this is always the case, right? My TBR list is always growing at an exponential rate

other reasons why I love BoTM

  • I’m a book hoarder in remission, so I’m growing a vast collection of BoTM books that make my home library shine
  • BoTM featured books are often release before the book hits the market, so it’s not only a special edition, it’s exclusive! PLUS I’ve compared prices with large scale book sellers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and the $14.99/month price is a fair market value
  • Due to the diversification of genres, BoTM gives me that extra kick to get out of my comfort zone and try new things
  • BoTM also seeks out and promotes debut authors – I love taking advantage of this opportunity to support new authors
  • You can see your shelf virtually and leave reviews on the books that you’ve read
  • Knowing that I have a new book to pick from every month on the first is exciting and gives me something to look forward to
  • Also, not being able to shop and order whenever I want is part of the thrill!

Sign up today by clicking here. You’ll get a free book for joining!

Are you already a member of Book of the Month? Leave a comment with your favorite book so far and your favorite part of BoTM!

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