home yoga practice necessities

I’ve been researching smaller indie yoga companies that provide online classes or equipment for a while now. In this post I will share with you 3 companies that I have been really happy with:

MyYogaWorks is an online startup company based in Santa Monica, California. They have over 1,200 online classes and 40 trained professional instructors. I found that their video selection was vast, diverse in style and various time lengths and levels of difficulty to help you find the class you need on any given day.

Here are some more perks of MyYogaWorks:

  • 30+ Journey Series collections to help you grow
  • Two week free trial, continue for only $15/mo, cancel anytime
  • Practice at your own pace whenever you have time
  • Take it on the go – tablet and mobile compatible

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Barefoot Yoga

Barefoot Yoga Co. was founded in in 1996 by Kelly LeFebvre. Kelly’s designs and products kick started while living and practicing in India and learning about the importance of one’s connection to their practice and their mat.

“Yoga has always been an escape from mental chaos and an entry
into tangible peace and self-acceptance for me.”
– Kelly LaFebvre

Barefoot Yoga Co. has a wide range of products for your practice and they also source out eco-friendly/conscious products and materials – SO IMPORTANT!

Buy Yoga Clothing & Supplies

Lastly, Movement for Modern Life follows the philosophy of being able to balance your work-life and home-life in a way that makes time for your practice.

Founded by Kat Farrants, Movement for Modern Life has a wide variety of videos spanning from 5 minutes to 1.5 hours, along with several yoga challenges.

If you’re a yoga-challenge person that likes to take on something to better themself with a time bound goal, someone who lives in the city and is looking for that “studio experience” without breaking the bank, or just a fitness challenge person all-around, Movement For Modern Life is just for you.