crochet technique – bury the tail [ FREE DOWNLOAD ]

When I’m working on a crochet project, I always loathe the point where I have to weave in all of the tails into my project using the traditional needle + thread technique. Find a free technique download + recommended yarns to use when using my original crop top crochet patterns.

Sometimes (who am I kidding, RARELY), I am proactive and bury tails periodically so that I don’t have what feels like 1 million tails to weave in.

Being an Aries, I always leave this until the very end or if it’s a personal project and I can get away with it – avoid it altogether.

Also being an Aries, I developed a technique step by step to teach others how to bury the tail as you work on your project.

You can download my technique for FREE here:

Also included are my TOP 3 recommended yarns to use when making a crocheted crop top using my 100% original designs that can be purchased on the Fiber Remedies Etsy Store.

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