knitwear designer| MPA student | museum supervisor | bookworm | chronic illness

I’ve struggled with various health issues since I was teenager. Crochet and knitting have served as a sincere outlet for stress relief while satisfying my constant desire to be creative. Other than learning the basic stitch from a neighbor when I was 11, I am self-taught and constantly challenge myself with new projects and tasks. I hope to perfect some of these patterns and create electronic versions share with those who also have a love for crochet. I taught myself how to knit in December 2016 and Fiber Remedies was born.

Aside from fiber arts, I love books, DIY projects and being a home-body. I have two tuxedo cats, named Loki & Buster. I’ve been working at an art museum for the past 5 years and studied Art History for my undergrad. In April 2019, I’ll be graduating with a Master’s in Public Administration.

I have Stage 3 Endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Due to these debilitating  chronic invisible illnesses, I suffer from a few forms of mental illness, too. When my flare ups get bad, I’m lucky if I can even shower, let alone primp and fuss over my appearance. Not to mention wear a bra or tight-fitting clothing. I’ll be sharing my story with you because I know that so many women are suffering silently and I want them to know that they’re not alone.

Fiber Remedies is a pun against all of the medical professionals that told me I just “needed more fiber in my diet” during my early teens when I sought help for the pain that I was in.

Over the years, I have adapted the concept of “adding fiber” beyond the scope of my diet and refer to it as a metaphor for the little things that motivate me to get through the day by inspiring me – and now I am going to share those things with you!

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